Collection: Magnetic Sleep Aids

     Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

    Quality handcrafted in accordance with strict FDA guidelines, the superb Polar Power© Mega-Field Slumber Pad  magnetic mattress pads are designed to deliver only the beneficial Negative (North Pole)  Magnetic Field of Energy to the body. These premium quality mattress top magnetic bed pads are a wonderful tool for magnetic health maintenance, and  they were commonly prescribed by Dr. Philpott in his magnetic research protocols for disease management and reversal. During his 23 years of FDA qualified research he observed that it is Only the Negative magnetic field that encourages a deeper more restful and restorative sleep. He also observed that these magnetic mattress pads could help to optimize alkaline balance and improve available oxygen levels systemically throughout the body, thus encouraging natural detoxification.

   The Polar Power Mega-Field Slumber Pads are the Gold Standard of magnetic mattress pads today. All magnets in these pads are medical research grade 8 rated 3,950 gauss @ core, and each biomagnet is strategically placed for optimum separation of polarity so that only the purest Negative magnetic field goes into the body.  They are a full 2 inches thick, and constructed of high quality medical grade foam which provides for great comfort without the strange feeling of lumps or bumps of magnets that you get with cheaper thinner pads. If you're looking to get the best results possible by sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad, without any questions about safety or quality, the Legendary Dr. Philpott designed and approved Mega-Field Slumber Pad is your best choice.