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Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is applying static magnets that produce a therapeutic magnetic field for pain relief and recovery for a variety of issues.

Today many people use magnet therapy for pain management. Health professionals such as physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, nutritionists, sports performance trainers, vets and rehabilitation centers might be surprised with the latest advancements in magnetic therapy.

What are the benefits of magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is used to alleviate pain and has many health benefits. It has been studied as adjunct therapy for treating symptoms of multi sclerosis (MS), osteo and rheumatoid arthritis​1​, tissue​2​ and bone​3​ injury, neuropathy​4​, psychiatric disorders, sleep​5​, stress, genital pain, post-polio pain, pain syndroms and many more conditions. These benefits might naturally occur due to the anti-inflammatory effects that magnetic therapy provides.

Effects purported by users and practitioners of magnetic therapy are:

Increased circulation for old injuries

Reduced circulation and less swelling for sprains and strains and other acute injuries

Reduced inflammationCorrection of energy imbalances

Enhanced immune functionMore restful sleepStress relief

Reduced or cessation of pain.